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Czech Black Garlic

All you need to know about the Black Garlic in Brazil Nut Oil


Our black garlic is being made only from Czech garlic, that has grown in the Czech Republic. Black garlic is a common white garlic, that undergoes a specific long-term precisely regulated processes of temperature, humidity and time in a special mechanism. Unique color, taste and structure of our product have been achieved without any chemicals, preservatives or other additives. It is considered to be a “super food”, thanks to its magnificent nutrition features


The taste is slightly sweet, but also spicy and it has an uncommon taste and smell. Meals prepared with the garlic are delicious and interesting. It can surprise everyone, who gets to know the garlic better. Our black garlic is one of the few ingredients, that is possible to use with all salty and sweet meals, including fruits and vegetables. It can be well combined with all kinds of meat, used with toasts, with potatoes, pasta, vegetable salads, spreads, soups, cheese or mayonnaise.


At this time, our suppliers are Jahodárna Brozany and Skalický česnek. They do their job flawlessly and with high quality. Their garlic is purely Czech and it’s a great ingredient, from which we make our Czech black garlic.

Antioxidant effect

We can't easily get rid of free radicals, particles that have lost their electron. They do a lot of mess in our bodies until some antioxidant is able to provide them their lost electron. They are produced, among other things, within the Krebs cycle and other physiological processes in our body. Therefore it is quite important to not create unnecessary more free radiclas by choosing wrong food (inflammatory processes). If we stress to much, we physically burden our bodies and expose them to an external pollution - smoke, smog, radiation ... Free radicals in the predominance over antioxidants then damage our DNA, body fats and proteins and all this usually leads to premature aging and dangerous diseases. The antioxidant activity of black garlic compounds leads, among other things, to the higher level of production of glutathione, the strongest known antioxidant that the body can create!

Cardiovascular system protection

The risk of heart disease or heart attact, increases proportionally with the amount of sLDL cholesterol and triglycerides, high blood pressure, high levels of homocysteine and several other factors. Clinical studies confirm that S-allyl cysteine is able to fight against them very effectively. 2.4 to 4.8 grams of black garlic (1 clove) consumed daily for 6 months can reduce total cholesterol in our body by 5-7%, but is also able to reduce sLDL cholesterol and triglycerides. On the other hand, it is able to increase HDL cholesterol and prevents platelets blood clotting. SAC works on a similar principle as statin-based drugs

Immunity strenghthening, antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal effects

In this area, the effects of black garlic much outweigh the effects of the fresh garlic. In the study, that deals with a topic of black garlic's effects on AIDS patients, you can learn that by constant consumption of 1800 mg of black garlic extract for 3 weeks you are able to increase the NK cell activity by 155 % and those people, who received 35 g of fresh garlic (the equivalent of 1800 g of black garlic = 10 cloves of fresh garlic) then by 139 %. NK cells (=natural killers) are one of the subgroups of lymphocytes that are capable of identifying and killing cancer cells and cells infected with the virus. According to my own research, there is no single chemical drug that would have such great effect!(Effect of increasing the activity of NK cells)!

When consumed regularly, the black garlic can eliminate overpopulation of Candida Albicans and also effectively prevent it. The same applies to its effects on Helicobacteria Pilori, bacteria, that is related to gastric ulcers and cancer. These discoveries might be even more important, then we think they are! Because studies have shown, that about 84% of the population is resistant to H. pylori antibiotic therapy!

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Czech Republic

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Cancer prevention

If we were to express the nature of cancer in one sentence by genetics experts, then: cancer is to be found after long-term DNA damage or mutation, or also by the action of chemical compounds causing the same. It has been proven, that the black garlic has effect on the prevention of stomach cancer, colon cancer and prostate cancer. In addition, preclinical studies indicate its efficacy in the prevention of breast, gallbladder, liver, lung and esophageal cancer. And from the point of view of biochemistry, it is thanks to a higher production of glutathione, which prevents the carcinogens to connect to our DNA and it also helps to increase the process of cleansing the body from toxins. That's why garlic is part of most of the detoxification cures, especially those aimed at digestive tract!

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